My name is Stefano, I am a young software developer.
In these months I am using HBase as database in a Hadoop cluster, to write
data from Apache Spark with scala language.
May I ask you any question for specific information?

*Q1*: there is a way to insert/update a specific cell as latest field into
the same record?

row1      column=CF1:QUAL1, timestamp=1523350296746, value=0.0
row1      column=CF1:QUAL2, timestamp=1523350296746, value=test
row1      column=CF1:QUAL3, timestamp=1523350296746, value=2700
row1      *column=CF2:QUAL4, timestamp=1523350296746, value=01218*
row1      column=CF2:QUAL5, timestamp=1523350296746, value=example

I would like to be sure that the value of the key QUAL4 will be insert as
last field, respect to the other values of the same rowkey (row1).

*Q2*: What is the best way to write in bulk with Spark 2.2? Is the
HBaseContext class available to use the bulkload with Hfiles?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

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