There are other tools having two versions - o.a.h.h.mapreduce and o.a.h.h.mapred
It seems to me the question is "should hbase support old MR APIs ?' Given that 
hadoop 3.0 doesn't mark old MR APIs deprecated, we should keep them in hbase? 
Or we can deprecate them in hbase-2+ in order to remove them in the future?

On 2018/04/10 16:02:07, Peter Somogyi <> wrote: 
> Hi,
> Currently we have 2 RowCounter tools in our
> repository: o.a.h.h.mapreduce.RowCounter and o.a.h.h.mapred.RowCounter.
> None of them is marked as deprecated but mapred.RowCounter was deprecated
> in pre-HBase 1 releases and the annotation was eventually removed
> in HBASE-11178.
> Do we still want to or need to keep both versions? The mapred tool is not
> documented in refguide and the command's usage is minimal. The
> mapreduce.RowCounter tool also has more features.
> Thanks,
> Peter

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