Dear HBase dev:

In HBASE-21879[1], we redesigned the offheap read path: read the HFileBlock
from HDFS to pooled offheap
ByteBuffers directly, while before HBASE-21879 we just read the HFileBlock
to heap which would still lead
to high GC pressure.

After few months of development and testing, all subtasks have been
resovled now except the HBASE-21946[2]
(It depends on HDFS-14483[3] and our HDFS teams are working on this, we
expect the HDFS-14483 to be included
in hadoop 2.8.6 and after that the HBASE-21946 will get resolved). we think
the feature is stable enough now and it's
time to merge branch HBASE-21879 back to master now.

We have designed 3 test cases to prove the performance improvment with
1. Disabled BlockCache, which means the cacheHitRatio is 0%;
2. CacheHitRatio~65%;
3. CachehHitRatio~100%;

In our performance results[4], we can see that: the case#1 have an great
performance improvement
*throughput increased about 17%, heap allocation decreased about 95%, Young
generaion size decreased about 81.7%*), that's because after HBASE-21879
all reads will allocate from pooled offheap bytebuffers
and almost no heap allocation, while before HBASE-21879 the read path will
create so many heap allocations.
On the other hand, from the testing results of case#2 and case#3 we can
also see that:

*As the cacheHitRatioincreasing, the difference between before-HBASE-21879
and after-HBASE-21879 will decrease, when cacheHitRatio is 100%,  they
almost have no much difference in both throughput and latency.*

For more details please see the document[4].  Thanks
Anoop/Ram/DuoZhang/Stack/GuanghaoZhang very much
for your meticulous work (Suggession, discussion, patch reviewing, doc
reviewing etc).

Please vote

[] +1
[] +0/-0
[] -1 Do not merge the branch back because...

Thanks. Any suggestions are welcomed.


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