I just committed a large chunk of code with the last big feature I had
in mind for the HttpCore 5.0 release. The server side transports (both
classic and async) now provide filter support that can be used to
implement cross-cutting aspects for all incoming requests such the
expect-continue handshake or user authentication and authorization.

Now I would like to shift the focus of development efforts from adding
new features and making disruptive API changes to code stabilization,
API polish and test coverage improvement. I 

_IMPORTANT_: if you would like to make some big API changes: move code
around, rename packages and classes, introduce new naming conventions,
propose new features with a large API footprint _NOW_ would be a good
time to do so.


You wanted to discuss naming conventions some while ago, did not you? 

It is probably also the right time to discuss whether or not we should
consider building a full featured HTTP server with statement management
(server side cookies), authentication (server side auth schemes),
pluggable user registries, and all those things that used to be out of
project scope.

I would like to cut another, likely last, ALPHA release soon and
propose moving to the BETA phase.


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