Apache Helix Team is pleased to announce the 13th release(0.8.0) of the
Apache Helix project. Apache Helix is a generic cluster management
framework that makes it easy to build partitioned, fault-tolerant, and
scalable distributed systems.

What's New in Helix 0.8.0


   - 0.8.0 release is backward-compatible with 0.6.x releases.

Helix REST 2.0

   - All admin operations are exposed via restful API
   - Support all task framework API
   - Helix Rest 2.0 uses standard HTTP methods if possible, instead of
   customized command as in HelixAdminWeb
   - Access log can be enabled for both read and write access

New Helix UI (helix-front) which allows you to:

   - View detailed cluster information
   - View resources / instances in a Helix cluster
   - View partition placement and health status in a resource
   - Create new Helix clusters
   - Enable / Disable a cluster / resource / instance
   - Add an instance into a Helix cluster

New Full-auto rebalancer featured with:

   - CRUSH-based rack-aware partition placement algorithm
   - Delayed rebalance which minimizes re-shuffle of the resident
   partitions on an instance during short-period outage, while still maintai
   ning minimal active replicas for application's availability need
   - Throttled partition movements that allows maximum number of pending
   state transitions to be set at cluster, resource or instance level
   - New P2P (Participant-to-participant) state-transition message to allow
   much faster mastership handoff

Helix Cluster Maintenance Mode

   - Application can put a cluster into maintenance mode. When a cluster in
   maintenance mode, no new partitions will be bootstrapped, however,
   existing partitions will still be maintained

Performance Improvement

   - Task framework rebalance pipeline was separated from resource
   management pipeline in the controller
   - Reads and writes to ZK are batched during controller's rebalance
   pipeline to decrease the latency
   - Optimized the rebalance pipeline with cached data to avoid redundant
   - New P2P (Participant-to-participant) state-transition message to allow
   much faster mastership handoff
   - New target external view to allow spectators to  have a speculative
    view of ongoing rebalancing

Monitor Improvement

   - A set of new MBeans to monitor traffic and latency between controller/
   participant and Zookeeper
   - More MBeans to monitor performance of controller's rebalance pipeline
   - More MBeans to monitor running and queued workflows and jobs

The full release note is available here: https://helix.apache.org

You can declare a maven dependency to use it:


Or download the release sources:http://helix.apache.or

Additional info

Website: http://helix.apache.org/
Helix mailing lists: http://helix.apache.org/mail-lists.html

We hope you will enjoy using the latest release of Apache Helix!


Apache Helix Team

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