HIVE-14540 changes ptest to batch unit tests together (instead of invoking
mvn test on individual test classes).
As a result, output for multiple tests is a common directory - similar to
what happens for batched q tests.

To identify the relevant directory, lookup the consoleOuput for the run.

To find TestDummy
Look for UTBatch.*TestDummy in consoleOutput.

example output.
[name=829_UTBatch_itests__qtest_8_tests, id=829, moduleName=itests/qtest,
isParallel=true, testList=[TestContribNegativeCliDriver,
TestHBaseNegativeCliDriver, TestCompareCliDriver,
TestEncryptedHDFSCliDriver, TestPerfCliDriver, TestContribCliDriver,
TestParseNegativeDriver, TestDummy]]

829_UTBatch would be the directory where the output for this test exists.

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