There's been a lot of work to make the test runs faster, as well as more
reliable via HIVE-14547, HIVE-13503, and several other jiras. Test runtimes
are around the 1 hour mark, and going down. There were a few green
pre-commit runs (after years?). At the same time, there's still some flaky

We really should try to keep the test runtimes down, as well as the number
of failures - so that the pre-commit runs can provide useful information.

I'm not sure what the current approach w.r.t precommit runs before a
commit. What I've seen in other projects is that the pre-commit needs to
run, and come back clean (mostly) before a commit goes in. Between what
used to be 5 day wait times, and inconsistent runs - I don't think this is
always followed in Hive.

It'll be useful to start relying on pre-commit test results again. Given
the flaky tests, I'd suggest the following
1. Pre-commit must be run on a patch before committing (with very few
2. A green test run is ideal
3. In case there are failures - keep track of these as sub-jiras under a
flaky test umbrella jira (Some under HIVE-14547 already) - to be eventually
4. Before committing - cite relevant jiras for a flaky test (create and
cite if it doesn't already exist).

This should help us build up a list of flaky tests over various runs, which
will hopefully get fixed at some point.



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