Marta Kuczora created HIVE-18696:

             Summary: The partition folders might not get cleaned up properly 
in the HiveMetaStore.add_partitions_core method if an exception occurs
                 Key: HIVE-18696
             Project: Hive
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Metastore
            Reporter: Marta Kuczora
            Assignee: Marta Kuczora

When trying to add multiple partitions, but one of them cannot be created 
successfully, none of the partitions are created, but the folders might not be 
cleaned up properly. See the test case "testAddPartitionsOneInvalid" in the 
TestAddPartitions test.

This is the problematic code in the HiveMetaStore.add_partitions_core method:
        for (final Partition part : parts) {
          if (!part.getTableName().equals(tblName) || 
!part.getDbName().equals(dbName)) {
            throw new MetaException("Partition does not belong to target table "
                + dbName + "." + tblName + ": " + part);

          boolean shouldAdd = startAddPartition(ms, part, ifNotExists);
          if (!shouldAdd) {
  "Not adding partition " + part + " as it already exists");

          final UserGroupInformation ugi;
          try {
            ugi = UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser();
          } catch (IOException e) {
            throw new RuntimeException(e);

          partFutures.add(threadPool.submit(new Callable<Partition>() {
            public Partition call() throws Exception {
              ugi.doAs(new PrivilegedExceptionAction<Object>() {
                public Object run() throws Exception {
                  try {
                    boolean madeDir = createLocationForAddedPartition(table, 
                    if (addedPartitions.put(new PartValEqWrapper(part), 
madeDir) != null) {
                      // Technically, for ifNotExists case, we could insert one 
and discard the other
                      // because the first one now "exists", but it seems 
better to report the problem
                      // upstream as such a command doesn't make sense.
                      throw new MetaException("Duplicate partitions in the 
list: " + part);
                    initializeAddedPartition(table, part, madeDir);
                  } catch (MetaException e) {
                    throw new IOException(e.getMessage(), e);
                  return null;
              return part;
When going through the partitions, let's say for the first two partitions the 
threads are successfully submitted to create the folders. But an exception 
occurs for the third partition in the code before submitting the thread. (It 
can happen if the partition has different table or db name as the others or it 
has invalid value.)
 In this case the execution will jump to the finally part where the folders in 
the "addedPartitions" map will be cleaned up. However it can happen that the 
threads for the first two partitions are not finished with the folder creation 
yet, so the map can be empty or it can contain only one of the partitions.

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