Regarding dropping index support: I've thinked about it a few times earlier 
because it complicates things; on the other hand I think there are no real user 
base behind it because parquet/orc does a similar(better) optimization - 
without the extra need of sql ddls...the ticket have reinforced my point of 
Regarding lock/hpsql I'm not sure..but I think people are start watching 
tickets; and by doing so keep an eye on these things...


On 13 Feb 2018 3:45 p.m., Peter Vary <pv...@cloudera.com> wrote:
Hi Team,

I am seeing several jiras proposing removing functions from Hive:
HIVE-18691 Drop Support for Explicit Table Lock From Apache Hive
HIVE-18692 Remove HPL/SQL From Apache Hive
HIVE-18448 Drop Support For Indexes From Apache Hive
I generally agree with removing unused functions. Especially ones which add 
extra effort to upkeep without real user base.
My question is wether Hive has a deprecation policy for function deprecation 
like Hadoop:


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