CVE-2018-1282: JDBC driver is susceptible to SQL injection attack if
the input parameters are not properly cleaned

Severity: Important

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected: This vulnerability affects all versions of Hive
JDBC driver from 0.7.1

Description: This vulnerability in Hive allows carefully crafted arguments to be
used to bypass the argument escaping/cleanup that JDBC driver does in
PreparedStatement implementation.

Mitigation: It is recommended to upgrade prior version of Hive JDBC
driver to 2.3.3.
Note Hive JDBC driver is not backward compatible with HiveServer2,
which means newer version of Hive JDBC driver may not talk to older version
of HiveServer2. In particular, Hive JDBC driver 2.3.3 won't talk
to HiveServer2 2.1.1 or prior. If user is using Hive code 2.1.1 or below
they might need to upgrade all the Hive instances to 2.3.3.

Alternative to the upgrade, is to take the follow two actions in your
Hive JDBC client code/application when dealing with user provided
input in PreparedStatement:
1. Avoid passing user input PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream
2. Sanitize the user input for PreparedStatement.setString, by
replacing all occurrences of \' to '

Credit: This issue was discovered by Bear Giles of SnapLogic

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