According to the release page [1] Hive 2.3.3 works with Hadoop 2.x.y (not
3.x.y) so if you want to run with Hadoop 3.2.1 try a newer version.

Other than that the error looks like a classpath problem related with
guava. I guess you have one Guava version coming from Hive and another
version coming from Hadoop. Try removing one of them. For instance:
> cd apache-hive-2.3.3-bin/lib
> rm guava*

Even if you solve the problem above most likely you will bump up into
another so it is better to choose versions that are compatible.


[1] https://hive.apache.org/downloads.html

On Sat, May 9, 2020 at 6:40 AM qq <987626...@qq.com> wrote:

> Hello:
>       The version of hive is 2.3.3, and the version of Hadoop is 3.2.1.
> When I execute show tables on the command line of hive beeline, the
> following error occurs:
> Error message in picture
> How can I solve it?
>  thinks.
>  I am looking forward to your reply´╝ü

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