Hi Zoltan,

The sooner we move away from the old system the better. It will also help
to detect and solve faster any kind of problems with the new approach if
there are more people using it.

Also it will be cool to have junit5 :D


On Fri, Jun 5, 2020 at 10:44 AM Zoltan Haindrich <k...@rxd.hu> wrote:

> Hey all!
> So far I've seen only 1 issue with the new system: there were 2 occurences
> in the last week when a build was affected by some kind a kubernetes issue
> which have taken down
> an executor - the logs pointed to some kind of kubelet issue; since the
> GKE master have upgraded to 1.16 while the node pools were still running
> 1.15 it could have been the
> cause of it. Yesterday I've upgraded all the node-pools.
> Because I've seen that people now sometimes open both a PR and upload a
> patch to the jira as well; I would like to propose to disable the PTest job
> on builds.apache.org on
> Monday.
> Note: This will also unblock to apply the junit5 patch - and could open up
> the possibility to sometimes exclude a set of tests from execution - the
> total test execution
> time is around 24 hours - from which 8 hours is spent running replication
> tests. Since most changes will touch replication stuff they could be made
> optional.
> cheers,
> Zoltan

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