Hey all!

I'm happy to see that (I guess) everyone is using the PR based stuff without issues - there are still some flaky stuff from time-to-time; but I feel that patches go in faster - and I have a feeling we have more reviewes going on as well - which is awesome!

I've read a bit about github "reviewers" / "assignee" stuff - because it seemed 
somewhat confusing...
Basically both of them could be a group of users - the meaning of these fields 
should be filled by the community.
I would like to propose to use the "reviewers" to use it as people from whom 
reviews might be expected.
And use the assignee field to list those who should approve the change to go in 
(anyone may add asignees/reviewers)

We sometimes forget PRs and they may become "stale" most of them is just falling thru the cracks...to prevent this the best would be if everyone would self-assign PRs which are in his/her area of interest.

There are some times when a give feature needs to change not closely related parts of the codebase - this is usually fine; but there are places which might need "more eyes" on reviews.
In the past I was sometimes surprised by some interesting changes in say the 
thrift api / package.jdo / antlr stuff.

Because the jira title may not suggest what files will be changed - I wanted to 
find a way to auto add some kind of notifications to PRs.

Today I've found a neat solution to this [1] - which goes a little bit beyond what I anticipated - there is a small plugin which could enable to auto-add reviewers based on the changed files (adding a reviewer will also emit an email) - I had to fix a few small issues with it to ensure that it works/etc [2].

I really like this approach beacuase it could enable to change the direction of things - and could enable that contributors doesn't neccessarily need to look for reviewers. (but this seems more like just sci-fi right now - lets start small and go from there...)

I propose to collect some globs and reviewers in a google doc before we first 
commit this file into the repo - so that everyone could add things he/she is 
interested in.


[1] https://github.com/marketplace/actions/auto-assign-reviewer-by-files
[2] https://github.com/kgyrtkirk/auto-assign-reviewer-by-files

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