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On 6/18/20 6:20 AM, Jagat Singh wrote:
I can raise PR for the annoyance I faced.
Cool, that would be great!

I am not sure what is the best end action we want to after checking that
the working tree is clean or not, do you see that we just display the
message in Gradle or actually doing something with those files?

I think anything that works will suffice :D
Probably a quick check if git status reports back that the WS is clean.
I think you could add something like this after the "Test" stage in the 

stage('ws-check') {
sh '''#!/bin/bash -e
N=`git status --porcelain | tee >(cat >&2) | wc -l`
[ $N -ne 0 ] && echo "there are untracked files in the workspace?" && exit 1


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Jagat Singh

On Wed, 17 Jun 2020 at 18:52, Zoltan Haindrich <k...@rxd.hu> wrote:

Hey Jagat!

Yeah; this looks pretty annoying...I think these are some ancient tests; I
don't think those files should be there; this should be fixed.
Could you file a jira to fix it?
I think after running the tests we might want to also add a check that the
worktree is clean.


On 6/15/20 6:55 AM, Jagat Singh wrote:
Hello all,

Currently, this line makes test output data to be produced inside the
folders which are not under rat exclude condition, This makes the rat
checks due to the absence of License files. Is this intentional or should
it be fixed? Ideally, the test output data should not stay inside the
current folder structure and should reside in some standard temporary
folder. The folder mapred/testHcatMapReduceOutput gets created under
hcatalog/core at this moment.


Path path = new Path(fs.getWorkingDirectory(),

├── testHCatMapReduceInput
└── testHCatMapReduceOutput
      ├── part-m-00000
      ├── part-m-00001
      ├── part-m-00002
      ├── part-m-00003
      ├── part-m-00004
      └── _SUCCESS

1 directory, 7 files

Thanks for reading and in advance thanks for your reply.


Jagat Singh

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