Hello Zoltan,

Thank you for this.

So, I ran few tests under itests to replicate the issue.

There are 10 files inside itests which use Tez in one form or the other. I
ran tests for all.

All of them finished with maximum one running duration for 8 mins.

Below are the timings for all

|TestMmCompactorOnTez| 3.41 min|
|TestCrudCompactorOnTez| 4.00 min|
|TestBeeLineWithArgs| 2.59 min|
|TestCopyUtils| 49 s|
|TestTriggersTezSessionPoolManager| 22 s|
|TestTriggersWorkloadManager| 21 s|
|TestTriggersNoTezSessionPool| 1.50 min|
|TestTezPerfConstraintsCliDriver| 8 min |

I am not sure what is causing the issue seen on the build server.


Jagat Singh

On Fri, 19 Jun 2020 at 00:30, Zoltan Haindrich <k...@rxd.hu> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Since yesterday some tests started to hang - most frequently
> TestCrudCompactorOnTez or TestMmCompactorOnTez but I've seen a replication
> test as well - so I don't think its
> limited to those 2 tests.
> I was not able to figure out what have caused this - my current guess is
> that somehow the tez 0.9.2 upgrade have caused it.
> To validate this guess I've started the flaky checker with and without
> that patch from the current state...
> I've collected some jstacks from the containers running for more than 20
> hours
> https://termbin.com/z1eoc
> https://termbin.com/2m0j
> https://termbin.com/027t
> https://termbin.com/1dbe
> cheers,
> Zoltan

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