I think it would be easier to understand the problem if you have a query at

SELECT id FROM author WHERE fname != 'Victor'

0 | Victor
1 | null
2 | Alex

The query should return 2 in every standard compliant SQL database.

Victor != Victor evaluates to FALSE
null != Victor evaluates to UNKNOWN
Alex != Victor evaluates to TRUE

The WHERE clause removes tuples for which the condition evaluates to FALSE
or UNKNOWN and this is the normal behavior.


On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 2:36 AM 忝忝向仧 <153488...@qq.com> wrote:

> Hi,all:
> I want to know why the hive needs to filter the NULL when use '<&gt;' or
> '!=' in HQL?
> Normally,in Oracle or other Databases the NULL will not be filtered when
> using '<&gt;' or '!='.
> This could be a JIRA?
> Thanks!

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