Hey All!

Lately some interesting error started to appear in precommit runs as 
see [1] for an example.

I've digged into it - and it was caused by a failed test (it was acid_stats2 in 
the one I was looking into) which could happen.
But the resulting junit xml is malformed because of some surefire issue (I've opened [2] to investiaget it). The junit result xml writing is essentially interrupted in the middle...

...and in the end for some reason jenkins doesn't consider the read failure "serious 
enough" to change the state to yellow...so in the end the test results are green.

I'm trying to upgrade surefire to 3.0.0-M5 - but I'm a bit skeptical that it 
will solve the problem..

The best would be to fix this issue - however if that doesnt seem to be easy; 
I'll add some hack to at least fail the build in these cases.


[1] http://ci.hive.apache.org/job/hive-precommit/job/master/274/testReport/
[2] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SUREFIRE-1852

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