Akins, Brian wrote:
On 6/22/09 10:40 PM, "Weibin Yao"<nbubi...@gmail.com>  wrote:

I have an idea to mitigate the problem: put the Nginx as a reverse proxy
server in the front of apache.

Or a device that effectively acts as such.

So what we did in the mid '90 when we where hit by pretty much the same was a bit simpler - any client which did not complete its headers within a a few seconds (or whatever a SLIP connection over a few k baud or so would need) was simply handed off by passing the file descriptor over a socket to a special single apache process. This one did a very single threaded async simple select() loop for all the laggards and would only pass it back to the main apache children once header reading was complete. This was later replaced by kernel accept filters.



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