On 8/14/2012 4:17 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> With my Mom's hospitalization and stuff, this kinda slipped...

Sorry to hear, hope she is recovering :(

> I propose this Friday: Aug 17th.

+1 - I'll address anything wrong for mak/dep files. Jeff's brilliant
catch of that regression in core.c to the windows accept logic should
put that whole issue to bed, 2.4 is looking much improved.

It's also been a bit over 6 mos since we released 2.2.22, and there are
obviously some who can't yet upgrade waiting for binary modules.  So I'm
proposing to T&R 2.2.23 at the same point this Friday.  It will close
the one security issue that has been sitting around a while, and also
gives me an excuse to bundle a more up to date openssl.

It seems like any and all interest by dev@ in 2.0 has died out and we
should declare it dead.  2.2 is well over 5 yrs old now.

So I'd propose in the next 2.4 announce, we would mention the availability
of a refreshed legacy 2.2 release, as well as that httpd 2.0 is no longer
supported and will not be refreshed,  encouraging all users to move on to
2.4.  WDYT?

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