I wanted to have a look at 

but had no time to look at it for now.


May it help you ?



Personnaly, I have activated the pool profiling functions in APR which give me 
information of what and from where is allocated memory using the pool mechanism.

After that, I had some "printf debugging" code to check more in detail what I 
want to see. (the sample i posted on the dev mailing list was created this way)



I was also planning to use the profiling functionality of gcc (-pg option) but 
didn't manage to have it work yet.

If someone has already used it, I'm really interesting.

Could also be interesting to have a configure option to control that.




Best regards.


> Message du 14/05/13 13:25
> De : "kalyan sita" 
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> Objet : ap_rgetline_core in protocol.c

Hi Chris,
 Can you please tell me in what way we can debug the ap_rgetline_core in 
I would like to know how you are calling ap_rgetline_core in protocol.c.
Thanks in advance,

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