With 4/5 of the 2.2.30 voters having re-reviewed 2.2.31, and the single
s/-1/+1/ based on this re-roll, I'm confident in calling this vote a
and am pushing this release to the mirrors for announcement tomorrow.

Thanks all for all the reviews of both 2.2 candidates (and all of the 4 2.4
candidates!) that you were able to participate in, seemed unusually
to make it this far, but here we are at last.



On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 11:44 AM, William A Rowe Jr <wr...@rowe-clan.net>

> The pre-release candidate tarballs of Apache httpd 2.2.31, can be found
> in;
>         http://httpd.apache.org/dev/dist/
>   +/-1
>   [  ]  Release 2.2.31 GA (apr 1.5.2, apr-util 1.5.4)
> Win32 src to follow in an hour this round. With such an insignificant
> set of changes to a generally approved 2.2.30 which enjoyed the full
> 3-day voting period, I expect to end this vote tomorrow at 17:00GMT
> Thursday, if there are sufficient votes cast.
> The entire delta between 2.2.30 and 2.2.31 is attached, for your initial
> inspection.

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