G/Evening (Is here)
A very small tweak is proposed for:
to keep the C89-ers in their seats.

The svn diff looks like:
Index: modules/http2/h2_io_set.c
--- modules/http2/h2_io_set.c   (revision 1696548)
+++ modules/http2/h2_io_set.c   (working copy)
@@ -67,12 +67,13 @@
     /* we keep the array sorted by id, so lookup can be done
      * by bsearch.
+    h2_io **ps;
     h2_io key;
     h2_io *pkey = &key;

     memset(&key, 0, sizeof(key));
     key.id = stream_id;
-    h2_io **ps = bsearch(&pkey, sp->list->elts, sp->list->nelts,
+    ps = bsearch(&pkey, sp->list->elts, sp->list->nelts,
                          sp->list->elt_size, h2_stream_id_cmp);
     return ps? *ps : NULL;

I won't bore anyone who can follow that module with a patch.

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