Hi Stefan,

2016-09-15 11:41 GMT+02:00 Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG <

> Hi,
> Am 15.09.2016 um 11:20 schrieb Stefan Eissing:
> > The patch works nicely on my OS X workhorse. Without it, I see 5-15
> reactivations of the child processes every second, with the patch it stays
> at 0 most of the time.
> >
> > Very nice work, Yann!
> that sounds great. Is there a version available that applies to 2.4 ?

I tried to study/port Yann's patch to 2.4.x. but it is not that
straightforward since there are a lot of differences between the two
branches, most of them afaics are related to the skiplist's handling and
usage. In my opinion it would be great to use this patch to also make
future backports easier, but I'll wait other opinions :)

If you have a way to test the 2.4.x patch (when it will be ready) in a
"real" environment and give us feedback it would be really awesome.




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