I just upgraded from 2.4.20 to 2.4.23 and experienced a significant change in 
behavior. I suspect it is related to this change:

  *) configure: Fix ./configure edge-case failures around dependencies
     of mod_proxy_hcheck. [William Rowe, Ruediger Pluem, Jeff Trawick]

I typically compile the modules that we use statically and remove all unneeded 
shared modules.

My configure script includes the following directives (among others):






But none of the balancer, misc connectors or LB modules. Using the same 
configure script from 2.4.20 in 2.4.23 I got all of the misc connectors, the lb 
and balancer modules compiled in statically, BUT it failed on startup because 
slotmem_shm module was needed and not included.

When I changed the configure script to explicitly state that the lb and 
balancer modules should be ‘shared’ … Even the above 4 proxy modules that I 
needed were built as shared in spite of being in the configure as static.

To resolve this issue and get the same behavior as I had in 2.4.20, I needed 
the following additions:















Not sure this was the intended behavior change and not sure if this warrants a 
‘bug report’, so I’m mentioning it here.


Russ Witte

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