On 04/10/2017 03:59 PM, Jacob Champion wrote:
So it looks like my test program might still be a possible solution for
detecting whether we need a callback at configure time, unless anyone
knows of a platform where two thread-local errnos can have the same
address some of the time and different addresses at other times...

I've checked my first attempt into trunk. It writes the result into the new AP_OPENSSL_USE_ERRNO_THREADID macro in ap_config_auto.h. On platforms where every thread has its own errno address, that macro will be #defined to 1.

Rainer, would you mind sanity-checking the result on your Solaris box (sounds like the test should *not* pass there)? I've tested on Ubuntu 16.04, where the test passes.

If there's anyone else who wouldn't mind updating and posting their platform and test result, that would really help me figure out how widespread the "problem" is. Remember to rebuild configure first! :)


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