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I have never been productive at Hackathons. The discussion is great
and all that, but as far as the actual coding is concerned, I am too
accustomed to having a certain environment when coding, including
my desktop cpu, full keyboard and monitor. I just can't do serious
coding/hacking on a laptop. This old dog just can't.

Neither can I, although I will point out all final spit and polish of my
non-recursive secure fnmatch.c replacement was completed at a past
PenguiCon (Linux/Maker/SciFi event this coming weekend in Detroit metro.)
Sort of ironic to release BSD code at a GPL-ish event, on the upside I met
RSE in person :)

I find that I've spent more time at hackathons melding concensus on
troublesome design overhauls. Jeff's loadable MPM switch happened at an
Hackathon. Several shared problems between svn and httpd within apr were
resolved at the Apache retreat Wicklow. So Hackathon is not always the most
productive space but is a good forum to sort things out. Who knew we
understood pair programming before it was invented :)

Even the very limited conversations in Seville led to good APR outcomes, so
it still works if there are 2+ committers engaged. Sounds that this is
unlikely for Miami, but looking forward to the next opportunity.

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