So, who all will be in Miami? From what I've seen on Sched and messages here:

Yes : jimjag, rich, jfc, ruggeri, me
No  : rowe, covener

There are several other ACNA regulars who have been quiet around here lately. 
Anyone else coming in?

I'll be there Sunday evening through Friday morning. I would update like usual, but it got locked down for 

I'm up for a meal with any of you anytime. Also, contrary to the seeming 
consensus on the hackathon thread a couple weeks ago (that I missed), I have 
had a lot of luck pounding things out during random hacking sessions or down 
times at the conference, most notably that mod_cache-thundering-herd-lock-file 
issue that a group of us really hammered on a couple years back. (It was 
absolutely killing me at work!) That said, I'm always up for hacking on stuff 
with people, especially when it's something nagging like that.

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