The server-info handler can give you some of that information, but not 100%.
It lists each module and the relevant configuration, but mod_info itself is
an example of that not being enough:
SetHandler server-info is listed in core.c and for me there is no
configuration listed under mod_info.

I cut this down from the full config to show relevant parts.

[image: Inline image 2]

[image: Inline image 1]

- Y

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 12:12 PM, Mike Rumph <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was wondering is there is any tool available that can analyze the
> directives in an httpd instance's configuration files and determine which
> loaded module are not being used.
> If not, maybe such a tool could be quite useful for reducing the memory
> footprint.
> Thanks,
> Mike Rumph

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