<Directory "/">
 <Limit POST>
  RedirectMatch 404 "(?i)\/[\.]{0,1}(cvs|svn)\/"

that above don't work and don't warn as it is normally the case where a "apachectl -t" clearly says "syntax error, xxx not allowed here"

don't work means RedirectMatch also applies to GET-requests which makes it really hard to restrict extensions like below only for normal webacess which is chained into "AllowMethods GET HEAD POST" but at the same time allow time for mod_dav_svn methods

well, and there is also no option to remove one or all global set "RedirectMatch" for a specific directory

RedirectMatch 404 "(?i)\.(asax|ascx|ashx|asmx|asp|aspx|axd|back|backup|bak|bat|cfm|class|class\.php|cmd|conf|config|csproj|dat|data|db[0-9]{0,1}|dll|ds_store|exe|fbcindex|idc|inc|ini|jhtml|jsp|jspa|key|log|mdb|mdf|mscgi|nasl|nsf|ocx|old|pl|py|rb|sample|sav|save|sh|shtm|sql|sqlite|vbproj|vbs|webinfo)$"

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