For your consideration... pre-release candidate tarballs of
Apache legacy httpd 2.2.34 can be found in;

Thanks all who merged the security work in and other fixes,
and helped identify a couple more lingering defects.

As we picked end of maintenance Jul 1 '17 - the [discuss]
thread had sufficient time for response - and no other 2.4
regressions relate to what has been ported to 2.2... it looks
like this is the second attempt at 2.2's final hurrah...

Your votes on two decisions, please?

[ ] Release 2.2.34 as legacy GA

[ ] Retire the 2.2.x branch from any further maintenance.

Note .tar contains apr 1.5.2, apr-util 1.5.4 while
also contains apr-iconv 1.2.1, in keeping with 2.2 conventions.
New language in INSTALLING and additional language in the
Announcement warns users away from the also bundled PCRE
and Expat sources, in favor of current releases.

Please also refer to the Announcement2.2.txt(.html) at the URL
above for suggesting edits, all improvements welcomed!

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