On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 12:33 PM, Jim Jagielski <j...@jagunet.com> wrote:
> I'll be adding some code to allow for lbfactors to be
> single decimal numbers (like 1.1, 2.5, etc...)... People
> have asked "How do I change it so that machine B is like 10%
> preferred" and I mention that "Well, you could make one a
> 10 and the other an 11" but that confuses people. :/

Are we changing the lb member structures to force recompilation of all
non-core lbproviders and consumers in a subsequent 2.4.x release and
introducing more binary breakage?

Or do you envision keeping this in trunk for 2.next, or making this entirely
cosmetic (same intregal struct member, at a multiplication of 10n) in the
proxypass / balancer parameter config logic? Since that config logic is
entirely in core/proxy_balancer, it should be transparent to lbproviders
and consumers.

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