On 08/08/2017 07:19 AM, Stefan Eissing wrote:
PS. @Jchampion: I am not sure how to best merge the unit test cases into httpd. They need to be optional, tied to the availability of mod_md and I do not know how to do that.

I need to solve this problem for another module as well (mod_auth_digest
has a regression unit test case), but I haven't decided how to tackle it

PPS. Another nit: mod_md also builds an executable, currently named a2md. I thought about putting it in support/, but since this depends upon the optional mod_md, it is more natural in modules/md, I thought.

I don't think having an optional support executable would be a bad
thing. That said, I don't have strong opinions either way.

FYI I'll be somewhat inactive here on dev@ for a couple of weeks as I
adjust to a new job, so don't be afraid to ping me multiple times if you
need me. :D


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