not sure on how to deal with the following issue. It has been found in a review of some trunk/CHANGES entries in order to remove some backported items.

In commit r1772331, r1496711 has been silently merged into the 2.4.x branch.

CHANGES for r149671 is:

  *) mod_file_cache: mod_file_cache should be able to serve files that
     haven't had a Content-Type set via e.g. mod_mime. [Eric Covener]

Should this be:
   [1] reverted
   [2] added in the CHANGES of 2.4.x in the revision where it has been released
   [3] voted to keep track of it afterward
   [4] updated in the r1772331 commit message

My guess is [2]+[4]+removal from trunk/CHANGES.


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