> On 2 Nov 2017, at 10:51, Daniel Ruggeri <drugg...@primary.net> wrote:
> Hi, all;
>    I know we've chatted about this somewhat in the past so I wanted to
> kick off a formal topic to see if we can establish consensus for a
> release cadence of httpd. As a strawman proposal, I'd like to suggest
> that we...
>  * Ensure stable branches are always in a releasable state (I believe
> this to currently be the case, right?)
>  * Codify and automate the creation/handling of the release bits in a
> CI/CD job plan
>  * Plan to release whatever is in stable branches every quarter via the job
>  * Plan to "release" unstable/trunk bundles monthly
>  * Support the ability to run the job ad-hoc for emergency fixes
> As a swag, all of the above is to make the work of the RM relatively
> light so more folks from the community can/will participate. There have
> been a few cases where features or fixes have sat in 2.4 without release
> because Jim or Bill just hadn't kicked off the process and committed
> their free time to doing it. The other thought is to help provide some
> degree of regularity our community (users and devs alike) can come to
> expect as well as do whatever we can to easily get experimental trunk
> bits in peoples' hands for testing.
> Thoughts?

Broadly reasonable, I can volunteer some online hardware if it helps. You might 
be shorter of people than hardware though.

- Mark

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