I few months ago, I submitted a few bug fixes, and 
they got coompletely ignored. Is there some step I 
missed in in the patch submisssion process?

It would be nice is eomone coule have a look at it:

1) Add Expires parameters in Apache-issued cookies

Apache issued cookies set the Max-Age parameter, but this
is ignored by MSIE and MS Edge, which only consider the
Expires parameter. The patch makes sur both are included

2) Do not send Set-Cookie header twice

Apache sends the Set-Cookie header twice for successful 
requests.  The patch makes sure it exists only once.

3) Do not save expiry in empty session

When a session is empty, do not save a add lone expiry

And that one seems to be obsolete because someone else
did the same work and got it committed in tree:

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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