The year 2017 has been again exciting in terms of growth of the Apache 
community and  the Feature set of the Apache HTTPD server. In 2017 I was 
becoming a HTTPD PMC member. 

In 2017 we celebrated 14 years Apache Lounge, wow.. time is flying. I am  
thrilled to see so many folks making use of Apache Lounge Binaries (more and 
more the binaries are packaged with commercial software) and visiting the 
Apache Lounge, more and more non-windows users are participating. For many of 
users the forum is a big valuable archive and also thanks to the moderators 
Mario, Gregg and Tom we continued the quality level. Also thanks to the PHP 
team (special Pierre, Anatol) and HTTPD dev’s for the help.

It is really rewarding to see that the effort we put into the Apache Server is 
appreciated so much. 

For the next weeks, I'll be spending time with my family enjoying Christmas end 
of year festivities. As exciting as computers and servers can be, this year 
will also forever serve as a reminder of what is really important: family, 
friends and the compassion of strangers.

I wish for you and your families time to reconnect, enjoy traditions, and to 
find some rest during the holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you 
take a moment to reflect on the year that is closing and on your goals for 2018 
as it approaches. 

Many thanks to all my  friends in the Apache Community and ASF and enjoy the 
holidays !


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