This is a kind reminder that I still didn't get any response yet.

Is there any additional information needed from my side?

On 03/29/2018 09:09 PM, Micha Lenk wrote:
Hi Apache httpd committers,

I think I've found a bug which triggers under following conditions:

* Apache is configured to serve a local customized error page, e.g.
    using something like "ErrorDocument 404 /var/www/errors/404.html"

* Apache is configured to log the original request's method, e.g.
    using something like (please note, the "%<m" is the part that
    CustomLog logs/mylog "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b method=\"%<m\""

* HTTP request is a POST request (request body content doesn't matter)

* the request destination path results in a 404 Not Found error

If all these conditions are met, the request will get logged to
logs/mylog with a line ending with 'method="GET"', even though this was
a POST request.

For easier reproduction of this case, I've created a patch that extends
the Apache httpd test suite to cover this case. Please see the attached
file bz62186_httpd-test.patch.

An explanation of this behavior can be found in the code of ap_die_r(),
which explicitly sets r->method to "GET" and r->method_number to M_GET
before it is calling ap_internal_redirect(custom_response, r) to serve
the configured error document.

I've tried to fix this issue by taking a backup of the original
request's method and restoring it as soon as ap_internal_redirect()
returns (see attached patch bz62186_httpd_bugfix.patch). So far the
tests I've done are successful, i.e. the request is now correctly logged
as POST request.

I've filed this issue some days ago as , but so far it
didn't get any comments yet. Could anybody please take a look?

Kind regards,

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