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>> >
>> > Question, what is a server_conf, before httpd's argv[] array
>> > has even been processed?
>>  It's NULL, but these (log.c only) uses should be well after.
> In fact, some of these are argv[] handlers, but as long as we have
> server_conf of NULL, then your patch should be a no-op in such cases.
> I'd expect any APLOG_STARTUP phase messages to predate the
> successful creation of server_conf.

A good # of these are related to e.g. opening logs which comes much
later since it is based on the config --
I think APLOG_STARTUP is just misused/misunderstood (the issue with
syslog is actually independent of APLOG_STARTUP)

> The exception would be if some of this processing happens after
> pconf is torn down during a graceful restart, without resetting
> server_conf to NULL, first. That might show up as graceful restart
> segv's.

I looked at that a bit and the loop seemed pretty tight.  At some
point I was looking to explicit reset ap_server_conf but then thought
it was not necessary  -- maybe no hooks called between cleanups and

Eric Covener

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