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+     druggeri: Why no +1, jallietc36?

I vote when I can test or when trivial enough.
But it does not prevent me from proposing what looks interesting, so that the other ones, with more technical background or experience than me, have a change to vote and backport it, if my intuition (or in this particular case, the log message) is correct.

In such a case, just running the test framework is not enough, IMHO. One need a deeper understanding of what is changed (what can be the consequences of inserting an error bucket? Should be none, but...). It also looks not that easy to test and trigger the issue (" When a post-handshake check fails"...). This could look trivial, but the devil is in the detail (and mod_ssl is a to big beast for me, with too many differences between 2.4.x and trunk (but easy backport proposal are on the way :))

So, just proposing, is my only contribution in such a case.
Hoping it helps.


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