> Am 20.08.2021 um 13:46 schrieb Joe Orton <jor...@redhat.com>:
> On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 11:35:45AM +0200, Stefan Eissing wrote:
>> https://github.com/apache/httpd/pull/260 
>> a PR with the http2 test suite in trunk/test/modules/http2
>> How to use:
>> • run configure again after you checked this out
>> • the following components need to be installed on your system:
>>   • python3, pytest
>>   • curl, nghttp, h2load
>> run the tests:
>>> make install
>>> cd test
>>> pytest
> Awesome!


>> This starts the installed httpd on local ports 
>> 40001 + 40002, runs the test suite and tears it down again. 
>> To run individual test cases, use
>>> cd test/modules/http2
>>> pytest -k test_004       # run all tests in test_004_post.py
>>> pytest -k test_004_07    # run test 07 in test_004_post.py
>> Next would be the definition to run this in a Docker file via 
>> Travis. If someone familiar with that setup could help me to 
>> start this?
> Does this need to run in Docker, or can it run directly in a Linux vm?  

For me, it runs directly on MacOS and I believe it should also on any linux
with the prerequisites installed.

> It would make sense to me to add separate job in Travis for this which 
> has the right Debian packages installed, and adjust test/travis*.sh to 
> make run the tests in a similar way to how TEST_SSL etc work.

That is probably a good start. When this works reliably, we may add
a flag to the common linux script to run it. The additional packages
should not be really a burden for docker, I believe.

>> PS. I made a PR to not disturb our existing travis setup, but if
>> trunk is the better place to refine this, just say so.
> FWIW I'd say this is mostly personal preference, unless you expect to 
> break trunk and hold up others working there, it's always fine to work 
> on trunk. You get the cost/benefit of Travis for your changes either 
> way.

Ok, will merge it to trunk later today or quite soon.

> Regards, Joe

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