Hi, all;
   Please find below the proposed release tarball and signatures:

I would like to call a VOTE over the next few days to release
this candidate tarball httpd-2.4.50-rc1 as 2.4.50:
[ ] +1: It's not just good, it's good enough!
[ ] +0: Let's have a talk.
[ ] -1: There's trouble in paradise. Here's what's wrong.

The computed digests of the tarball up for vote are:
sha1: afac1bf6aaa84ea2878c56ed56a49f5efdd7ff73 *httpd-2.4.50-rc1.tar.gz
sha256: feb87f9cc60e02782d795d30cd60a36e918c82fe9a2e7363b0ae28a78be9613a 

The SVN candidate source is found at tags/candidate-2.4.50-rc1.

Kind Regards,

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