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I guess it could be like this: when Mladen originally implemented the by requests load balancing method in mod_jk he used the count and subtract method for the counters. He then ported this to mod_proxy_balancer and I think it is still, how by requests counting woorks there.

There are pros and cons, e.g. in case a worker goes down for some time. A bit later we switched in mod_jk to a count and divide, where division by 2 was done roughly every 60 seconds (configurable).

I have looked to different solutions: The most easy is to add age=n parameter to the balancer definition and divide the transferred, read and elected by 2 every n seconds for the workers.

Other logic would be to store those values and reset them if they don't change.

The busy don't need any aging ;-)

I will prepare a PR for first review tomorrow.

I think the idea of the age method was roughly, that you could implement a balanvcer method, that registers a mod_watchdog task, that regularly ages the balancing counters. Aging because you want to give the past a smaller influence on the balancing decision than the more recent activity.

I hope that's understandable and maybe Jim remembers something similar to that.

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On 12/20/23 21:22, Jim Jagielski wrote:
I'll have to go back through my notes... I do recall adding fields that although were not being used at the time, were _going to be used_ as some point, and
I didn't want to have to worry about ABI compatibility.

Cool I will wait before implementing something that breaks your design ;-)

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Any examples or docs about:
apr_status_t (*age)(proxy_balancer *balancer, server_rec *s);

In struct proxy_balancer_method?





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