Dude that sucks.  I'm sorry to hear it.

Yeah, iBATIS is a tough one to warrant more than an hour's worth of introduction.  I recently dumped iBATIS.NET into the hands of one of my development teams with a SUPER tight timeline (6 weeks from vision to go-live).  They wouldn't have had enought time to write all of the ADO.NET (read JDBC for what it's worth) code.  I gave them one example, and they just ran with it.  They figured iBATIS out as they went -- which is safe with iBATIS.  Most persistence tools require you read the book first.  :-)

Most questions in the iBATIS community are about "can we do this" as opposed to "how do we do this".

Anyway...there will be other opportunities.


On 9/18/06, Jeff Butler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've just found out that my iBATIS tutorial was cancelled at ApacheCon - there were not enough enrollments to make it profitable.  iBATIS is too easy to use!  Maybe we should introduce some obfuscation so we can create a need for training :)
So I'll not be going to ApacheCon after all.  I hope those of you that are going have a great time.  My only regret is that I'll not get to meet some of the other folks in our community.
Jeff Butler

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