These are two different things. Spark applications themselves do not use JDBC - 
it is more for non-spark applications to access Spark DataFrames.

A direct support by Ignite would make more sense. Although you have in theory 
IGFS, if the user is using HDFS, which might not be the case. It is now also 
very common to use Object stores, such as S3.
Direct support could be leverage for interactive analysis or different Spark 
applications sharing data.

> On 3. Aug 2017, at 05:12, Dmitriy Setrakyan <> wrote:
> Igniters,
> We have had the integration with Spark Data Frames on our roadmap for a
> while:
> However, while browsing Spark documentation, I cam across the generic JDBC
> data frame support in Spark:
> Given that Ignite has a JDBC driver, does it mean that it transitively also
> supports Spark data frames? If yes, we should document it.
> D.

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