Hello, Dmitry.

If other community member are also iterested in that kind of information I can 
try to do the talk.

В Ср, 14/02/2018 в 10:49 +0000, Dmitry Pavlov пишет:
> Hi Nikolay,
> I've notices there are a number of very lively discussions on dev list about 
> SparkDataFrames. But I, for example, can't fully understand it because it is 
> not well-known code for me.
> I suppose Ignite community has other members, which are not aware of recent 
> feature SparkDataFrame and its pros.
> What do you think about short talk arrangement for community to tell about 
> this module, e.g. for 30 minutes? Could you please do this? I think Denis M. 
> can help with infrastructure.
> Sincerely,
> Dmitriy Pavlov

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