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Do you need a loan,You want to pay off bills, Expand your business? Look no 
further we offer all kinds of loans both long and short term loan.

Multi-component loans:
We specialize in investments in private sectors within our financial Investment 
services are M&A development and management, financial and operational 
management, due diligence and capital planning and development.

We also finance multi-component, multi annual investment program using a single 
“framework loan”. This funds a range of projects, usually by a national or 
local public sector body, most frequently regarding infrastructure, energy, oil 
and gas, efficiency/renewable, transport and urban renovation, real 
estate,emerging markets and high-technology,communications, software and 
digital content and services.

The project must be in line with our lending objectives and must be 
economically, financially, technically and environmentally sound. Financing 
conditions depend on the investment loan type and the security offered because 
our loans investment program is a strategic firm specializing in financial 
growth and loans/debt funding platform.

We've developed a lending program that makes it easy for us to meet our 
clients' loan investment borrowing needs. We grant loans from a minimum range 
of 100,000 US Dollars (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars ) to maximum 100Million 
US Dollars ( One Hundred Million US Dollars ) on any viable projects presented 
by your management after independent review on your business project BP model 

Loan repayment is normally on a semi-annual or annual basis. Grace periods for 
capital repayment may be granted for a project’s construction phase of one year 
defer grace period for  Re-payment.

Interest rates:
Interest rates can be fixed, floating, revisable or convertible (i.e. allowing 
for a change of interest rate formula during the lifetime of a loan at 
predetermined periods) we offer all kinds of loans both long and short term 
loan for only 2% interest rate.

We intend to maintain a silent/financial position on our business with you or 
your company. If you are seriously interested with our offer we look forward to 
your favorable response.

We look forward to your favorable response.
Bharat Kannan
Loan Agent

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