Thank you, Anton.

If it is expected behaviour I will fix test but anyway in my opinion this 
behaviour is not straight, I mean when you do same action and you getting 
differents result it is not good. At least, exception of missing value should 
be one. I don't have solution right now but I will think about it. But if you 
have any thoughts about it, please, share them.

Nevertheless my target was understand the problem and it was achived. Now I can 
fix the test.

Best regards,
Anton Kalashnikov

01.03.2018, 00:33, "Anton Vinogradov" <>:
> Anton,
> dsMap allows you to share any datastructure between local node's threads
> without requesting it using retryTopologySafe method (which is heavy).
> T dataStructure = cast(dsMap.get(key), cls);
> if (dataStructure != null)
>     return dataStructure;
> return retryTopologySafe( ...
> I see no problems at current behavour since you'll never gain obsolete
> value.
> You'll gain null once continuous query update dsMap.
> Looks like problem with test, not with atomicLong implementation.
> After datastructure closing you should be ready to see non null value some
> time, but any get method on this value should cause exception.
> 2018-02-28 18:15 GMT+03:00 Anton Kalashnikov <>:
>>  Hello Igniters.
>>  During investigation flaky test 
>> IgniteClientDataStructuresTest.testAtomicLong.
>>  I found a issue and now I need your help because I don't have enough
>>  knowledge about IgniteAtomicLong.
>>  I created the task for it -
>>  jira/browse/IGNITE-7845. And also I duplicate information below:
>>  Given:
>>  IgniteAtomicLong was created e.g. atomicLong = ignite.atomicLong("long1",
>>  1L, true)
>>  When:
>>  IgniteAtomicLong was closed e.g. atomicLong.close()
>>  Then:
>>  If you try to get this value again - sometimes you will get null
>>  IgniteAtomicLong value and sometimes you will get not null IgniteAtomicLong
>>  value e.g. ignite.atomicLong("long1", 1L, false) sometimes null, sometimes
>>  not null
>>  But if we will get not null value IgniteAtomicLong and we will call method
>>  "get" on it, we will have one of two exceptions 
>> IllegalStateException("Sequence
>>  was removed from cache: " + name) if it already marked as deleted, and
>>  IgniteException("Failed to find atomic long: " + name) if it sill no marked
>>  as deleted but already deleted from cache.
>>  Expected:
>>  IgniteAtomicLong value always should be null(or not?)
>>  Why it's happend:
>>  When we close IgniteAtomicLong we removing value from cache in transaction
>>  but removing from internal storage(dsMap) happen asynchroniously in
>>  DataStructuresEntryListener for all nodes include local node. And when we
>>  try get value after close we still sometimes able to get IgniteAtomicLong
>>  from internal local storage.
>>  Solution(In my opinion):
>>  I guess in common case we don't need call Ignite#atomicLong every time
>>  when we need value, but we should use IgniteAtomicLong object received
>>  after first call. And if it is true, we can remove receiving
>>  IgniteAtomicLong from local storage(dsMap) - this changes will fix problem
>>  --
>>  Best regards,
>>  Anton Kalashnikov

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