Hi all,

I'm working on [1] IgniteClientReconnectCacheTest class with frakly
test-case testReconnectCacheDestroyedAndCreated with success rate 32.4%.

I've leaved comment in JIRA [2] and new test-case with reproducing this
Basicly, when we receiving GridDhtPartitionsSingleMessage with exchId=null not
in proper time we've got this Assertion error. Ignite client instance
erases all it's caches after reconnect, so it has no information about
cache named 'static-cache' that persists on server nodes and when he
recieve this SignleMessage after reconnection it will have 'Failed to
reinitialize local partitions (preloading will be stopped)'.

Should we perform clean-up [3] client caches in case of reconnect client
ignite instance?
Why we should clean clinent caches after node reconnects? Can't catch the
idea of it.

[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-7791

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