On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 6:55 PM, Dmitry Pavlov <dpavlov....@gmail.com>

> What do you think if stop is default for all cases?
> Kill is configurable.
> We can consider enforse sockets close for 'stop'. This will allow to ignore
> hang node by rest of the cluster.

Dmitriy, I see that you cannot come to terms with stopping a process that
was not started by Ignite. However, in majority of the deployments, users
would prefer that you would "kill" the process instead of leaving it
running in a "frozen" state. Frozen state is non-deterministic and it is
impossible to create a recovery for it. Killing the process is very
deterministic and can be recovered by restarting it in most cases.

"stop" does not fix the problem we are trying to solve. The whole point is
to prevent frozen state, and "stop" without "kill" does not prevent it. I
am OK if "stop+kill" is the default behavior, which means that we try a
graceful shutdown and then always kill the process anyway.

I think we should have the following configurable options:
- "stop+kill" (default)
- "kill"
- "stop"
- "stop+restart" (if stop fails, we should kill regardless)

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