Stanislav Lukyanov created IGNITE-8134:

             Summary: Services can't be deployed on servers outside of baseline 
                 Key: IGNITE-8134
             Project: Ignite
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: managed services, persistence
            Reporter: Stanislav Lukyanov
            Assignee: Stanislav Lukyanov

If a node is not a part of the baseline topology, the services will never be 
deployed on it. In particular, if that node calls a synchronous deploy* method, 
the method will hang.
After the node is added to the baseline, all previously initiated deployments 
succeed (and deploy* methods return).

It seems that the issue is with the continuous query started by the 
GridServiceProcessor on the ignite-sys-cache.

public class BltServicesBug {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // start one node
        IgniteConfiguration cfg1 = new IgniteConfiguration()
                new DataStorageConfiguration()
                        new DataRegionConfiguration()
        try (Ignite ignite1 = Ignition.start(cfg1)) {

            // activate and set baseline topology

            // start another node
            IgniteConfiguration cfg2 = new IgniteConfiguration(cfg1)
            try (Ignite ignite2 = Ignition.start(cfg2)) {
                // try to deploy a service;
                // this call hangs until the second node is added to the BLT 
(e.g. externally via
      "myService", new 

                System.out.println(">>>>> Deployed");


    private static class MyServiceImpl implements Service {
        @Override public void cancel(ServiceContext ctx) { }
        @Override public void init(ServiceContext ctx) { }
        @Override public void execute(ServiceContext ctx) { }

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